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Eric Sigsbey

An avid musician, Eric built his first recording studio in his barn in Dripping Springs, Texas in 2003.  A second, full-service studio, near downtown Austin would soon follow in 2010; offering recording, mixing, video, and manufacturing services for the flourishing Austin music scene. In addition to studio recordings, Eric has recorded live acts at several well known Austin music venues: The Dirty Dog, MOMO’s and One-2-One Bar. Live recordings include a classic reunion performance by former members of 60’s rock group Moby Grape, as well as numerous local favorites: Big Circle TX, Ulrich Ellison, Patrice Pike, Lisa Marshall and Daheebeegeebees.

Audio/Video Editing

Our top-of-the-line A/V equipment includes an Avid ProTools HDx system along with Avid’s S6 M40 console.

Live Recording & Streaming

Featuring a 500 sq ft control room and 1500 sq ft Performance Stage built with Post & Beam construction.

Mixing & Mastering

Our experience spans more than forty years in music, radio, television and film in both live and post production.

Avid Musician

“An avid musician, Eric built his first recording studio in his barn in Dripping Springs, Texas in 2003.”

About Me

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Since moving to Vermont from Austin, Texas in the Summer of 2012, Eric has become well known in Vermont music circles for his portable 32 track ProTools recording system. He provides full PA, backline and other gear for public, private and corporate live performances. Recently completed, his humble home studio in Roxbury has grown to become a full-fledged recording studio in Waitsfield, Vermont. Eric’s creativity and strong logistical sense have served him well in his “other” career. With more than 25 years experience as a licensed corporate attorney, he serves as General Counsel for Sugarhouse Soundworks, LLC with a focus on entertainment law.