Sugarhouse Soundworks

Frequently Asked Questions

High end gear and facilities at reasonable rates

Does the studio rate include an engineer?

Typically, yes. However, we can make practice time and space available for a lower rate until you’re ready to record. Then, we can provide an engineer or other staff and will provide a competitive rate for the services you need.

Does the studio charge per hour?

We can provide hourly, daily or block rates depending on your needs and budgeting.

Can we schedule a tour of the studio?

We are happy to provide a tour and to discuss whether and how our facility can best suit your needs.

Is the studio available on weekends?

Yes. Our normal hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., but we will endeavor to accommodate your scheduling needs, including weekends and after hours. Higher rates may apply.

Do you do voiceovers or radio spots?

Yes. We are set up for voiceovers, radio spots, telephone interviews, live video interviews and other specialty recording needs.

Can we play live in the studio?

Yes. We have a 21 ft. by 17 ft. post & beam live stage with lighting and camera’s for live performances, music videos, live streaming your latest material and other needs.

Can I record to tape?


What should I bring if I record digitally?

Our facility is set up to record with analog pre-amps. Then, the signals are converted to digital and our ProTools software and Avid S6-M40 Console are used for digital mixing and processing. If you have questions about specific gear or digital recording needs, please feel free to contact us.

Do you provide instruments?

Yes, we can. Please see our Equipment List section of the Website.

Can I use my own engineer for my session?

Yes. However, we require that our engineer be present to assist your engineer with our facilities.

Where can we stay while recording?

There are numerous accommodations nearby in Waitsfield, Warren, Montpelier and other towns and ski resorts. We can provide information on local accommodations.

Where can we eat near the studio?

There are many quality eating options near the studio and the studio has a full kitchen. We can provide information on local eateries.

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