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Roger Stauss

Roger has been designing, recording and mixing sound for nearly forty years. His experience spans music, radio, television, and film in both live and post production. His film and television clients include CBS, Comedy Central, HBO, Sesame Street Workshop, RikMill Productions, and Inner City Productions. As the Audio Director of It’s Showtime at the Apollo for 10 years, Roger has worked with some of today’s biggest names in Entertainment… such as John Legend, Alicia Keys and the Reverend Kirk Franklin.

Audio/Video Editing

Our top-of-the-line A/V equipment includes an Avid ProTools HDx system along with Avid’s S6 M40 console.

Live Recording & Streaming

Featuring a 500 sq ft control room and 1500 sq ft Performance Stage built with Post & Beam construction.

Mixing & Mastering

Our experience spans more than forty years in music, radio, television and film in both live and post production.

Old School

“In 1992 Roger opened Noteworthy Recording Studios on his farm in Granville, Vermont.”

About Me

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In 1992 Roger opened Noteworthy Recording Studios on his farm in Granville, Vermont where he has done post production mixing for numerous films and television series as well as producing and engineering countless New England up-and-coming musical acts. Roger is eager to share his wealth of experience and technological know-how with the next generation of sound engineers and believes that Sugarhouse Soundworks will not only be Central Vermont’s premier production facility, but also an incubator for aspiring recordist/mixers.