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Premium Studio Services

Over 45 years of combined experience in the music, film and television industry. Schedule your next session today.

Audio/Video Editing

Our top-of-the-line A/V equipment includes an Avid ProTools HDx system along with Avid’s S6 M40 console. Schedule a tour today. Let's jam.

Mixing & Mastering

With 40+ year in music, radio, tv and film – both live and post production – we are committed to offering high quality, competitively priced services.

Music Production

You've come to the right place. We collaborate with singers/songwriters to create high quality master tracks or artist tracks that will blow listeners away.

Graphic Design Services

Need a cool website to showcase your band? An awesome poster or event flyer? From DVD/CD graphics to promotional SWAG, t-shirts to buttons... our professional design team will create it for you.

DVD+CD Production

Great design can provide the ``foot in the door`` that you need for a successful record. We offer DVD/CD production and distribution as well as custom graphic design services that will help put you on the charts.

Merchandise & Promotion

With a variety of custom merch: stickers, banners, posters, guitar picks, drink ware, tees... our in-house design team can create just what you need to showcase your band to the world... and beyond.

Let’s make beautiful music

We’re committed to offering the highest quality, competitively priced services for the music & film industry in our area. Schedule your next session with Sugarhouse Soundworks today.

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Custom Marketing Materials

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Design & Production

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Logo Design/Branding

The Sugarhouse Soundworks Studio features a 500 sq ft control room looking at the Performance Stage, a 1500 sq ft space
with Post & Beam construction, 4 HD cameras and video production switcher, and the Air Lock, a 520 sq ft live drum room.