Sugarhouse Soundworks, LLC, is a state-of-the-art recording studio tucked away in the Mad River Business park in scenic Waitsfield, Vermont. It is an excellent space to record, remix, do music videos, or even host and livestream live events. With a state of the art control room, separate drum and vocal rooms, and a beautiful 17’ x 21’ post and beam sound stage, together with a large selection of studio instruments, we’ll help you take your music, film or video projects to the next level. Whether you’re an emerging artist ready to record your first track, or an established musician searching for a specific sound come on down!

Featuring a 500 sq ft control room looking out onto the Performance Stage, a 1500 sq. ft space with timber frame stage, 4 HD cameras and video production switcher, and the Air Lock, a 520 sq ft. live drum room.

Music & Recording

Since moving to Waitsfield we have recorded many artists, done podcasts, and provided FOH PA gear, sound engineering and video services for live events, including the regular live music events at Sugarbush Ski Resort and COMING SOON to our NEW Sugarhouse Studio concert venue here in Waitfield. Featuring:

  • Mark LeGrand
  • Some Hollow
  • John LaRouche
  • The Grift

We’ve got the space, tools and expertise you need to make your next masterpiece.


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